About Us

Our Mission: Setting people loose on their own unique path to vibrant mental and physical health.

Setting people loose from what?

Particular stories and narratives of health that can imprison us on our journey of healing – creating a narrow and limited conversation about what a problem is, where it comes from and what to do of it. 

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What do people need to find this freedom?

A bigger conversation about mental and physical health – one that acknowledges thoughtful, good hearted researchers, practitioners and patients reach different conclusions about the likely contributors and best course of action.

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Our Team

Who are we? Where did we come from? Why are we here?

Meet Us

Why do we care?

For the same reason you do – the people in our lives who have faced excruciating suffering in their journeys of healing. How can we NOT keep looking for better ways of doing this?

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We pursue this mission in three different ways:


For over a century, public health has embraced a comprehensive approach to intervention centered on risk factors, leading to dramatic advances in the collective health of society.  As a top priority, All of Life aims to shine a light on the development and testing of creative public health approaches to addressing psychological problems on a larger scale. So far, we have found that simply making current research findings more accessible is a powerful intervention itself—helping individuals and families invest in and better think for themselves about their own unique path towards healing. 


In 1960 a study of the mental health system commissioned by the U.S. Congress concluded that America would never have enough direct treatment professionals to put a dent in alleviating the collective burden of serious mental and emotional problems. Since then, many have explored what approaches, if any, could reach more people and amplify the impact of existing services. Our own efforts center around high-quality classes that showcase the many resources available to people navigating both mental and physical health challenges as part of this rich, very personal journey called Life.


Our classes draw on insights from hundreds of research studies and the pioneering work of scholars, practitioners, and the true experts—those who have faced serious mental or physical health challenges. Alongside this collective wisdom, we aim to help connect students with the rich and growing network of supports available online and in communities. Here, among peers and professionals, we can explore together many ways to rediscover legitimate hope and move towards meaningful recovery, one step at a time. 




“All the forces in the world are not so powerful as an idea whose time has come.”

– Victor Hugo