All of Life Projects

Below are summaries of projects we are either working on currently or planning to do in the future. We welcome your thoughts on how to proceed – and contact with anyone who would like to collaborate.  If you have other ideas of valuable projects to consider, let us know!

The Tapering Project

As part of Laura Delano’s Withdrawal Project, we will be gathering professionals and patients with an interest in learning more about safe and effective tapering. 

The Story Project

Although many people have found more lasting healing from serious mental health challenges, very few people know about them!  So we’re gathering available stories to learn from and provide hope and practical guidance to others about keys to their recoveries.

The Accessibility Project

This will include making mental wellness learning and training easily available in other languages, including American Sign Language for the Deaf Community, which suffers a suicide rate 5 times higher than the national average.

The Best Practices Project

Many doctors feel constrained in treatment options due to “best practices” documents that they must follow, in order to avoid being sued. We are currently reviewing 11 of the most recent depression best practices documents – across a variety of variables (scope of interventions considered, funding source, long-term vs. short-term attention, etc.) – to provide more critical attention to their composition. This is the first of our efforts to better support physicians who are overwhelmed by the current demand, find ways to lead people towards more lasting healing. 

The Suicide Risk Factor Project

With increasing calls for a public health approach to suicide, we are reviewing the literature on risk factors to “map out” the patterns across many thousands of studies – in hopes of better appreciating what a multifaceted, risk-factor oriented prevention initiative would look like. 

The Hearing Voices Project

We are preparing to launch Hearing Voices groups in Utah – as a way to support more sustainable healing for those who experience voices.  If you’d like to be involved or support this, let us know! 

If you’d like to be involved in ANY of this, we’d be delighted to hear from you! We have plenty of other ways you could get involved. Above all, we love discovering new approaches being developed (with evidence of positive impact on more sustainable healing) – and finding ways to get them in front of more people. Other ongoing work includes advertising, networking/partnering/recruiting, fundraising, and market research to continually make any needed changes and additions to our site, resources and projects, etc.

We are a non-profit with a very small team at the moment and learning as we go. We can use all the help we can get! If any of these look like worthwhile efforts, please consider some way to support – whether via donations, in-kind donation, sharing us with your friends, feedback and ideas, we would be most grateful! Go here to make a secure donation. Thanks in advance!