Our Team & Partners

Jacob Hess
Executive Director

With Thomas McConkie, Jacob founded All of Life in 2012. He’s published 13 peer-reviewed articles and 3 books. Jacob is a dreamer with a passion for dialogue and his 4 little boys (and their Mommy) who make sure Daddy smiles at least 9 times a day.

Jason Jacobs
Managing Director

Jason has worked in the mental health field for 11 years, sharing what has helped him in his own journey of healing from depression, OCD & ADHD. Jason enjoys problem solving, prank pulling (but has promised not to scare Jacob any more), and connecting with the Deaf Community.

Lauren Halliday
Outreach Director

Lauren is our design and digital marketing guru who enjoys yoga, the National Geographic channel, and beach weather. She has a wisdom beyond her years – and loves action movies almost as much as her husband Dan. They also just adopted a new Golden Retriever puppy, Murphy!

Shweta Choukiker
Technical Director

If the website looks good, it’s all Shweta’s fault! She is a self independent girl from Indore, India – and has been hugely indispensable in literally hundreds of crucial website details. Her hobby is reading books – with an ultimate life aim to be a great and respected person.

Dan Hess
Videography Director

A lover of all things Star Wars, Daniel graduated from Syracuse University with a degree in film. Second only to Jason, Dan is the funniest guy you’ll ever meet. His primary interest is to create media that is original, uplifting, and motivational.

Steph Ogden
Coaching Director

Steph is a seasoned coach who leads our Mindweather coaching efforts. In addition to being a fabulous Mom of 4 kiddos, she is a Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) – and soon to be an Applied Behavior Analyst (ABA). She loves to play the guitar and travel to experience the beauty that all-of-life has to offer.

Below are partners with All of Life in our work to raise awareness about the possibilities of more sustainable healing from serious emotional distress. Each helped co-author our recent op-ed in the Salt Lake Tribune: “It’s time for Utahns to reconsider the widespread use of antidepressants.”

Ed & Sharon Fila are directors with the Nedley Depression & Anxiety Recovery Program (offered free along the Wasatch Front). Ed has also worked with the Art of Living Foundation as a volunteer. 

Jocelyn Pedersen is a professional educator, speaker, and writer who uses her BenzoBrains YouTube platform to teach people about tranquilizers and other psychiatric medications and how to safely withdraw. When she’s not busy being a mom, Jocelyn can usually be found playing the piano or singing at local venues, often in costume.

Cassandra Dawn Casey is an activist for mental health care reform and a director with the Nedley Depression and Anxiety Recovery Program. A personal tragedy many years ago involving psychiatric medications, which led to the death of her son, opened the door to a whole new journey. She has developed a network of associates that spans the globe and is known for her activism in advocating for choice in mental health care, and in educating the public about the importance of full and informed consent. She testified before the FDA in February 2004 along with her American and international colleagues, urging the placement of black box warnings on antidepressants.

Karen Welch is a director with the Nedley Depression and Anxiety Recovery program.

Holli Oram has an MS Psychology and works as a Professional School Counselor at Central Davis Jr. High. She is also a Director for the Nedley Depression/Anxiety Recovery Program. Holli understands experiencing and healing from depression/anxiety personally, and professionally.  See: depressionhealinginsights.blogspot.com