What Motivates Us

The inspiration for our efforts as an organization is the same one driving mothers, fathers, partners, friends, and neighbors to suddenly become passionate students of mental and physical health challenges: the intense pain of our own loved ones.

Serious physical health conditions can exact a toll on individuals and families over time that is daunting, requiring a level of patience, stamina and courage that is remarkable.

Similarly, the burden of depression, anxiety, eating disorders, obsessions, delusions, can feel uniquely unbearable at times—especially when it doesn’t seem to be getting any better. And yet courageously, struggling individuals continue to move forward, searching for relief.

For a period, these individuals may find something that helps them feel a little better—not so sad, not so anxious. They feel a little more ‘myself.’

Then it comes back. Despite the best efforts of all involved, many end up living long periods only partially well, at best. After years of searching, they may come to a point of exhaustion: “I’ve tried everything . . . and it hasn’t worked! This is the best I can expect.”

And the rest of us may likewise conclude: “This is just how depression (or bipolar or OCD) is . . . We’ve got to just get used to this and learn to cope.”

If research studies confirmed that these conditions were naturally, inevitably lifelong impairments, then obviously we should accept that reality. But does it?

After more than a decade of our own searching, we have found some answers that we feel are so compelling and exciting that we couldn’t help but find a way to share it with you.

What we found was All of Life.

If that ending is a little too fuzzy and poetic, then check out our story here.  (: