Our Mission

Setting people loose on their own unique path to vibrant mental and physical health.

Setting people loose from what? Particular stories and narratives of health that can imprison us on our journey of healing – creating a narrow and limited conversation about what a problem is, where it comes from and what to do of it. Too often, these stories (and conversations) are out of touch with the latest research on the brain, the full diversity of risk factors, and long-term possibilities of recovery.

Our own recent research has documented a surprising gap between what the science is saying and what friends, family, and neighbors typically believe about mental and physical. As a result, those facing something as burdensome as depression, for instance, can experience the added burden of a story about depression that is, well, depressing!

You deserve better. By broadening the conversation and making the most current scientific information available to anyone with the internet, we hope to equip individuals on their own unique path to deeper levels of mental and physical wellness.