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What role does the brain and body play in mental/emotional problems?

“Narrating the Brain: Investigating Contrasting Portrayals of the Embodiment of
Mental Disorder” (Hess, Gantt & Lacasse, 2015)

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What does it mean to "recover" from serious mental/emotional problems?

“Is There a Getting Better From This, or Not?”
Examining the Meaning and Possibility of Recovery from Mental Disorder (Hess, Lacasse, Harmon, Williams and Vierling-Claassen, 2014)

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What does it mean for a treatment to be "effective" or "successful"?

“What Does It Mean for an Intervention to ‘Work’? Making Sense of Conflicting Treatment Outcomes for Youth Facing Emotional Problems” (Hess & Lacasse, 2011)

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