Mindweather 101
Explore creative ways to work with painful thoughts and emotions

A course for those feeling tormented by their own minds.​

Sustainable Relief
Is it even possible with serious challenges? Join the conversation
Brain Changeability
Come explore what it means for restoring emotional wellness
(Stop) Fighting the Mind
How forcing the mind can make things worse....and what to do instead.

Come explore a gentle way to move the mind in another direction.  

Long-term Recovery
Is it time to aim for something more than coping or managing?
Painful Thoughts
Are thoughts or emotions driving you crazy?

Come hear about another way to work with mental experience in a way that reduces its power over us. 

Scientifically-Grounded (But Fun!) Education

Undergirding each class are reviews of literally hundreds of research studies. 

High-quality, Powerful Video Lessons

Sit back and enjoy expert guidance that will help guide you in the development of a wellness plan specific to your condition.  

Twenty-four Hour, Lifetime Access

No need to follow our schedule – or anyone else’s. Take our classes on your own time and at the pace that makes sense to you!

Risk Factor-Based Recovery Plans

To guide your recovery, explore the spectrum of contributors to mental or physical challenges.

Is it Time to Talk about Sustainable Healing?

We hear about sustainable environmental practices and long-term sustainable community development. How about our personal mental and emotional health?

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Are we adding to people's despair?

Creative ways to work with painful emotion

Want to try something really DIFFERENT?

Class Testimonials

Executive Director

With Thomas McConkie, Jacob founded All of Life in 2012. He’s published 13 peer-reviewed articles and 3 books. Jacob is a dreamer with a passion for dialogue and his 3 little boys (and their Mommy) who make sure Daddy smiles at least 9 times a day.

Marketing/Outreach Director

Lauren is our design and digital marketing guru who enjoys yoga, the National Geographic channel, and beach weather. She and her husband Dan love action movies, and just adopted a new Golden Retriever puppy, Murphy!

Videography Director

A lover of all things Star Wars, Daniel graduated from Syracuse University with a degree in film. His primary interest is to create media that is original, uplifting, and motivational.

What do we usually do with painful emotion?

Ever tried to force emotional pain to go away?

Can fighting against the mind make things worse?


Percentage of individuals receiving mental health diagnoses who are NOT aware of brain changeability

All of Life Research:

Our work was sparked from several lines of narrative inquiry in the area of mental health.

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